Why Man Is Killing the Earth

The sceptics may say it isn’t happening, but everywhere one looks today the evidence is undeniable. Man is killing the earth and bit by bit it is succumbing to his will. Individually we are like ants in a mob rushing to fulfil our goals and tramping over everything in our path.

Normal choice does not go into it since man has won the race over that issue. Anything and practically everything that is an executioner is either crushed or part of an obliteration program of destruction. In any case, the human personality is controlled by another all the more intense compel; the Spirit of the Universe.

This is something he can’t see, touch, feel, taste, or listen, unless he is tuned into it. Be that as it may, man’s vision is claim and not up. He is stunned by religious doctrine and blinded by desires of an interminable kingdom in the sky. He can’t see or realize that the control over him is the Almighty and that he is a manikin in the arrangement of God.

That arrangement is known on the grounds that it was composed down in the predictions in the Old Testament, which few can interpret in light of the fact that it was intended to be comprehended toward the end. We have touched base by then and these are the latest days, whether one acknowledges it or not.

The delicate way of governments couldn’t be clearer than in the Brexit race that will see Britain leave the European Union. Presently Russia will return as the ability to fill the vacuum and there is each possibility of a noteworthy war beginning once again that one.

The emergency confronting the earth contains numerous components. Among them are ailment and infections that are executioners that man can’t control while those like the Zika infection have not yet done their work. As the Olympic Games brings an extraordinary large number of individuals into Rio they will be contaminated as they remain in the shadow of the huge false god that sits on the slope best over it. Different things will likewise happen here that the world will lament.

In the most recent days, states Micah 4:1, the pile of the place of God will be built up in the highest point of the mountains. That has happened with the Internet and, as expressed, all individuals stream to it. Likewise we are informed that toward the end everybody will remain in their bodies to be judged. Memory of my rebirth lets me know this has happened with the immense spike in populace.

Also, the graves will surrender their dead (Isaiah 26:19) and the main way that could happen is through resurrection as bodies that have decayed in graves or that have been scorched and appropriated to the wind are not prone to return.