The Real Voice of America

November 19, 1863 – Four and a half months taking after the thrashing of the Confederate strengths at the Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln remained at the commitment of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery and conveyed a standout amongst the most powerful addresses in American history. It was there that he helped all Americans to remember the standards whereupon our nation was established. The rule that such a variety of had valiantly given their lives to secure. Apparently, the most capable expressions of that discourse came in the last few lines in which he states:

“It is somewhat for us to be here committed to the colossal undertaking staying before us that from these regarded dead we take expanded dedication to that reason for which they gave the last full measure of dedication that we here exceptionally resolve that these dead should not have kicked the bucket futile that this country, under God, might have another birth of flexibility and that legislature of the general population, by the general population, for the general population, should not die from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln

From the companions and neighbors that waged war to free themselves from the onerous British Empire amid the American Revolution, to the overcome troopers that arrived on the shorelines of Normandy on June 6, 1944, Americans have a long history of standing up despite inconceivable chances with a specific end goal to ensure our flexibility and our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Today, Americans confront an altogether different adversary. A peaceful and perilous one. I’m not discussing psychological militants – despite the fact that that is an undeniable danger. No – I’m discussing the adversary that has discreetly and quietly wrestled control of our administration out of the hands of the general population in the course of the most recent a very long while.

“I trust that keeping money foundations are more perilous to our freedoms than standing armed forces. In the event that the American individuals ever permit private banks to control the issue of their cash, first by expansion, then by emptying, the banks and organizations that will grow up around the banks will deny the general population of all property – until their kids wake-up destitute on the landmass their fathers won.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1802

Here, over 200 years after Thomas Jefferson made those comments, the general population of America are being driven by a legislature that is no more drawn out “Of the People”. Or maybe, it is an administration involved agents whose premium is just that of the particular vested parties, worker’s parties, banks, and companies (both American and non-American) that bolster them. Agents that have driven our treasured nation to the edge of fall.

Today, our national debt remains at over $19.4 trillion and, as indicated by, is as of now 106% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Political framework secure close our country for 16 days in October, putting more than 800,000 government workers on leave of absence and disturbing pay for millions progressively whose jobs rely on upon the visitor income produced by our National Parks. This is a legislature that has unreservedly damaged the very standards it was established on by keeping an eye on, its very own large number residents, as well as the subjects and pioneers of its nearest partners, wrecking their trust in us. The greater part of this for the sake of battling fear based oppression.

Our legislature can’t manage itself on its present way. Its activities, or scarcity in that department, have put the American open at genuine hazard. I set out say this is the single most prominent risk to our national security today. I trust it was Thomas Jefferson likewise said, “The tree of freedom must be revived every now and then with the blood of loyalists and despots.” Fortunately, our Fore-Fathers had the vision to make a framework through which the general population of this nation could recover their legislature without waging war. Our time has returned to take control of our nation, right the wrongs, and set it back on the way it initially set out on.